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We believe a marketing intern may be as wise as a CEO with decades of experience.

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Our readers are entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to develop and expand their companies. They operate startups, small enterprises, or medium-sized companies. They all want to learn more about business and apply it.


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1. Posts must be at least 500 words; more is ideal.

2. Supporting outbound connections are encouraged. We’ll eliminate irrelevant links.

3. Readers benefit from pictures. We suggest 100KB.

4. Originality is required. We check for plagiarism, therefore spun or reused work (by you or another author) is not permitted.

5. It should be well-structured with H2, H3, etc. It should be proofread and grammatical. It’s returned otherwise.

6. No promotional or advertising stuff. Advertising is illegal. This includes mentioning your firm or website.

7. Send Word/Google Doc files.

8. Double-check before posting. Editing isn’t possible once live.

9. If an item is rejected more than twice for not following our criteria, none from the same source will be considered for 6 months.


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Your article is yours to use as you like as long as Utahperformingartscenter.org is credited. You also promise the site’s owner that your contribution doesn’t breach a third party’s legal rights and that the publication isn’t accountable for your legal difficulties.

We won’t react to failed pitches due to the overwhelming volume. If we don’t respond in two weeks, you can publish your guest article elsewhere.

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