Show You Brand: The Benefits of Using Custom Flooring Mats

Companies of any size should have a strong brand. You must get your company’s name, logo, and website to make it visible to the world. Think about all the well-known logos and how you use them every day in many different formats. Many times, the logo can be recognized even before you read its name.

A custom-branded mat on the floor can help you get your business noticed. Placing mats branded with your company logo either inside or outside your building’s doorway will instantly attract the attention of your current customers and any potential customers who pass by.

Why Should We Buy Custom Floor Mats?

A custom-branded mat can bring many benefits to your business.

Low-Cost Marketing Solution

Advertising can cost your company thousands over time. This is why many business owners resort to cost-effective strategies like custom floormats to promote their brands. The cost of custom floor mats is not prohibitive, and they are just as effective at promoting your brand and logo to the public as other advertising.

Strong, Durable and Functional

Custom logo door mats offer many benefits. This mat not only serves to promote your brand but also acts as a protective layer that keeps your customers and floors safe from falls and rain.

Raises Awareness of Brand

It is crucial to establish your brand and make it visible in order for people to recognize it. While they may not remember the name or company of your company every time, they can recall it when they need you. Therefore, a custom-branded Floormat is a great marketing product.

You will reap the many benefits of using front door entry mats at work.

Dirt is not only brought in by your employees but also by customers, clients and delivery drivers. These visitors can bring dirt, mud, water and bacteria into your workplace.

To prevent dirt or dust from getting inside your building, you can install entry mats at every entrance. These are also known as walk-off and office mats. Here are some major benefits that entrance mats could offer for your workplace.


Studies have shown that up to 85% of office dirt is brought in via the front door. Therefore, it is important to provide a safe and clean environment for all employees by placing the right mats at their entrances. You can choose from sticky mats to grab dirt from your feet, rubber matting that brushes dirt off shoe soles and grooved designs that trap dirt and moisture. There are antimicrobial mats available that can be used for cleaning labs, cleaning rooms and surgeries.

Employer Injuries Reduced

Falls from slips, trips and other workplace injuries are very common. Mats offer more grip on slippery surfaces as well as reduce the amount of dirt and mud that gets tracked into the building. This could lead to slips.

Save Money

Matting helps prevent damage to floors, like scratches and stains. This improves the floor’s life and saves you money on cleaning. Mats are a safe, green option for using harsh chemicals to clean your office floors.


Mats don’t always have to be boring. Make a statement with your customers by choosing a mat with your brand’s name or colour to match your office decor.

Entrance mats protect your building from dirt and grime by keeping it on the mat.