Top Tips for Shipping Pallets

How to secure a pallet

When shipping a pallet with a pallet delivery service, it is absolutely vital that you properly secure your goods. If you’re shipping through a network, your pallet can move up to 8 times from collection to delivery! This is why it’s very important that your goods are protected from all the manual handling involved.

So, what is the best way to secure your goods on a pallet? Usually, the recommended choice by most pallet carriers, including PalletOnline, is to use shrink-wrap and straps. Straps will firmly attach your goods onto the structure of the pallet, while wrap minimises damage and makes sure your items are securely held together.

How to wrap a pallet

While shrink-wrapping a pallet seems simple at first, it can sometimes be an awkward task. We’ve got some tips you may find useful when wrapping a pallet.

First off, make sure to elevate the load if you have the facility to do so. This way, you don’t have to bend down as much, reducing the risk of potential injury and discomfort.

For added protection, make sure to wrap the base of the pallet too. This will serve as back up protection, in case your straps fail.

Make sure to wrap tight. You want a high containment force to keep your goods held tight. Containment force is the amount of force you apply as you rotate the wrap around the pallet.

Got no shrink-wrap? PalletOnline’s online shop will provide you with everything you need to safely secure your pallet.

What is pallet and wrap?

If the above seems a little daunting or laborious, your pallet delivery service may offer a pallet and wrap service as an addon. This is essentially when the collection driver arrives with a pallet and industrial-grade shrink-wrap and will palletise and secure your goods for you.

There is usually an additional fee for this and it may not always be possible to provide a pallet and wrap service. For example, if each item is considerably heavy or you have selected a next day service, your pallet carrier may not be able to provide you with this.

Selecting the right pallet space

When you’re shipping pallets, you need to make sure you select the correct pallet space for your goods. This is one of the main factors that influence the price you are offered.

The pallet space you will need depends on the height, length, width and weight of your overall pallet. It’s essential that this is correct as your pallet may not fit onto the trailer if you enter the wrong information. Also, most pallet delivery services will charge an additional fee if this is incorrect.

Do I need to attach a label to my pallet?

Labels are a huge part of shipping a pallet with a pallet delivery service. They are essential for providing the necessary collection and delivery info, as well as displaying barcodes that will be scanned at the depots.

If your pallet does not have the correct labels attached, or they fall off, the depot won’t know where it is destined to, or where in the depot it is meant to go. This will then usually result in a failed delivery.

So, make sure that your labels are securely taped onto your pallet.

You will likely be supplied with the correct labels by your pallet carrier of choice. You will then need to print them out and attach them to the sides of your goods.

Shipping your goods with PalletOnline is as simple as it gets. Get a free, no-fuss quote now!