Car ceramic coating VS Paint Protection Film. Which is better?

There is nothing quite like buying a new car and seeing the glossy exterior and freshly painted paint as it catches the light. The natural wear and tears that cars experience over time, such as sunburn or water damage, eventually lead to a loss of their shine. But what if that was possible? What if all this could have been prevented?


It can! How? Car Paint Protection.

There are several options available for those who want to preserve the factory-fresh paint and untarnished gleaming of their new car. Today, we’ll focus on car ceramic coating or car Paint Protection Film.

car ceramic coating and Paint Protection Film PPF (Paint Protection Film) have become popular with car owners just like you. They want to preserve the shine of their brand-new vehicle. Which one is best for your car? It’s hard to know which option is best to protect your car.


Protective Paint Film –PPF

Paint Protection Film comes in many forms. The most popular ones are PPF, clear bra, and clear. This incredible material is made from thermoplastic urethane films that are malleable, self-healing, and easy to apply. Paint Protection Film is invisible to naked eyes so it doesn’t detract from the car’s overall appearance. Paint Protection Film offers another benefit, it protects your car from the sunlight. Paint Protection Film prevents the paint from fading and oxidizing over time due to the sun’s UV rays.


Its Self-Healing

Paint Protection Film is made of urethane, which means it will heal itself before your car gets any damage. It resists corrosion and high impact making it ideal to protect your car against acidic chemicals, acid rains, mineral deposits, and bug splatter. The film’s upper layer is made up of elastomeric polymers. It can absorb all kinds of hazards and reverts to its original shape after damage.

Paint Protection Film is a versatile product that offers many benefits in protecting the paintwork of your car. The film has also been shown not to cause damage such as:

  • Rainwater spots and mineral marks
  • Fading from UV Rays
  • Chips and scratches
  • Chemical stains

You’re probably wondering what paint protection films cost. The price will depend on the extent of your car that you wish to protect.


Ceramic Coating

Now that we’ve looked at Paint Protection Film let’s move on to the second option, Ceramic Coating. Ceramic Coatings can be applied to cars’ exteriors to bond with factory paint, creating a permanent protective layer. Ceramic Coatings offer a superior alternative to wax. They are chemical resistant, UV protected, heat tolerance, scratch resistance, and enhanced scratch resistance. You can reap the benefits of Ceramic Coatings for your entire car’s life, provided it is properly applied.

Let’s take a closer view of some of the advantages Ceramic Coatings have to offer.


It’s Hydrophobic

Ceramic Coatings are hydrophobic. They don’t like to be soaked in water. The material repels water the same way as it repels mud. car ceramic coating makes it very difficult for liquids to stick to your vehicle.


It works like sunscreen for your vehicle

You wouldn’t want to go outside in the sun without protecting yourself, would you? You shouldn’t let your car get too hot. As we all need to protect our skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun, the paint on your vehicle also needs protection. The result of oxidation is when paintwork fades when exposed to the sun. car ceramic coating will protect your car from sun damage and ensure that new paintwork remains vibrant.

Other attractive benefits include:

  • Enhanced glossiness
  • Enhances chemical resistant
  • Resistance to minor chips or scratches
  • Prevent water spots


How can I make a choice?

Ceramic Coating, as well as Paint Protection Film, offer many benefits. Ceramic Coatings can be more damaged by road debris and rock chips than PPFs. However, the urethane film can absorb much of that damage before it reaches your car’s paint. Paint Protection Film can provide a lot, but eventually, it will need to be changed and, in certain cases, may need upkeep if it blisters or yellows. Ceramic Coatings are more durable. Ceramic Coatings, on the other hand, will increase the glossiness of your vehicle.

Ceramic Coatings, as well as PPFs, offer different protections that will keep your car shining and shiny longer. It can be difficult for people to choose the right path, but both are very effective and work together. PPF provides excellent protection from scratch damage and rock chip damages, while  car ceramic coating is added to provide glossiness and hydrophobicity. This combination will ensure that car paint damage such as acid damage, watermarks, and oxidization are eliminated.

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