Are You Interested to Create an Advertisement on Facebook?

If you are interested to connect with the audience on the largest social network in the world then Facebook advertising is the way to go for. There are about 2.80 billion users with whom you will display your ad.

No doubt, that is a pretty impressive number, however, Facebook ads are meant for getting your message across to the right segment of people, particularly those who can be most likely to be users of your products or services.

To get your best results, it is important to know about the different types of Facebook ads and also targeting options. Australian Internet Advertising is one FaceBook ads agency Melbourne that can offer you the necessary support in making your campaign successful.

How does Facebook ad work?

There are now several varieties of Facebook ads available where you can do the following:

  • Promote your page
  • Post on your page
  • Take action on your user’s request

In spite of increasing focus mostly on native ads of Facebook and also keeping traffic on its website, still, you can be successful to direct users to your website. Facebook offers several ad formats such as:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Carousel
  • Instant Experiences
  • Collections.

Typically, Facebook ads will target those users that are based on their location, profile information, and demography. Most of these options are available only on Facebook. After you create an ad, you may set a budget to bid for each click/thousand impressions that all your ad will receive.

All users can then see your ads either in the sidebar available on Facebook or in the newsfeed.

Different types of Facebook advertisements

  1. Image ads

With a simple image, you can start your Facebook paid ad campaign. You can easily create an ad with a few clicks and by boosting your existing post with a simple image from your Facebook page.

  1. Video ads

Your video ads can be run within the stories and News Feed, or they may appear as in-stream ads within longer Facebook videos. You can also show your video ads to your team with your product in action.

  1. Poll ads

With this format of mobile-only Facebook ad, you can incorporate an interactive component just by adding a 2-option poll to any image or video ad. Also, you can include a separate link meant for each of the poll choices.

  1. Carousel ads

By using this format, you can highlight the different benefits of any product or several different products. You can also use all the pictures together and create one large scene image.

  1. Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads will offer an easy way of creating short video ads out of a collection of a few still photos, texts, or any existing video clips.

  1. Collection ads

These types of Facebook paid ads are offered for mobile devices only, where you can showcase 5 images or videos that any customer can click for buying a product or service.

  1. Instant experience ads

These ads are also known as Canvas because usually, they are a full-screen type of ad format that will load 15 times faster than any mobile website that is outside of Facebook.

  1. Lead ads

These ads are also available for mobile devices only as they are designed specifically to make it easier for people to provide you their contact details without any extra typing.

  1. Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads will enable you to promote your targeted products to those customers who are very likely to be taking interest in them.

  1. Messenger ads

When you create your ad, you need to simply choose your Messenger as your desired placement. Also, you need to select the Facebook feed.

  1. Stories ads

Typically, mobile phones must be held vertically. These story ads are also mobile-only full-screen type vertical video format that will allow you to maximize your screen real estate without hoping your viewers to turn on their screen.

  1. Augmented reality ads

These augmented reality ads have got a few features like animations and filters to allow people so that they can interact with your brand.

Facebook advertising is a great channel for marketing any kind of business. However, it is important to remember that you can target specific interests, display eye-catching images, offer users a very low-friction conversion, and finally track everything.